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The Dillinger Escape Plan to Break Up


For Dillinger Escape Plan’s fans, it has been a mixed week with varying emotions. Firstly, they announced that they would be releasing a new album on October 14, Dissociation. Of course, this news was welcomed with open arms and fans remain excited for the release of the album. However, after nearly twenty years of making metal music that has struck a chord with a certain percentage of the industry, they also announced that this is likely to be their last album.

The Dillinger Escape Plan, containing Ben Weinman, Chris Pennie, and Dimitri Minakakis, released their first ever EP way back in 1997 and have since gone on to release five albums with Dissociation making it six. The key trio have been joined by a plethora of other musicians along the twenty year journey but want to end their career while they are still ‘on top’.

In a recent interview, Ben Weinman who founded the band towards the end of the nineties said that they are ‘really excited’ by their new album and can’t wait for the die-hard fans to hear it. Weinman also went on to say that they never wanted to reach the point where they were being told to stop so now seems like the perfect opportunity. With a 20th anniversary just around the corner and fans as passionate as ever before, Weinman noted that they felt ‘empowered’ to finish while still going strong.

Furthermore, the band’s founding member was also asked whether the intense live shows that they put on was a factor in making this decision. In his reply, he stated that although they still feel strong and ready to go, the physical intensity of their shows may have played a part in their decision. On the other hand, he also stated that the shows would be one of the parts he missed most as they would allow him to worry about nothing else except putting on a good performance for the crowd.

It isn’t all doom and gloom for The Dillinger Escape Plan fans though as Dissociation is due for release towards the middle of October. Kurt Ballou, Converge, was one of the producers involved in the album and GodCity, Boston, was the location for the mixing. If you want to hear a sample of what the album has to offer, Limerent Death, which is the first single to be released from the album, is available to listen to online. Ben Weinman has said that the track is not only his favourite song on the album, but also one of his favourites in the band’s history.

In addition to the new album, DEP have also got a few shows coming up which gives fans the perfect opportunity to see them at their best. Over much of August, the band will be traveling to New York, Washington DC, and California.


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