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Steven Tyler Launches Solo Career


After launching Aerosmith in 1970, Steven Tyler and co never knew that their life was just about to change forever; 46 years and fifteen studio albums later, they are now a household name and still going strong after releasing their most recent album in 2012. However, despite fathering four children, writing a book, learning to parasail, and making Aerosmith a global phenomenon, there is one thing that still had to be checked off – a solo career. Now, at the age of 68, Tyler is finally ticking this off his list.

‘We’re All Somebody From Somewhere’ is the name of Tyler’s debut solo album, released by Dot Records, and it has entered the Billboard’s Top Country Albums at number one. The music may not be what we are used to from the music legend but fans seem to be liking it all the same. After just one week, the album sold 17,000 copies and has also made an appearance on the ‘all-genre’ chart at number eighteen.

As a result of the new music, Tyler is also now making a number of TV appearances rolling back the years. After showing up on the Ellen DeGeneres Show recently, he has also agreed to perform on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on August 4th. As mentioned, this country album isn’t exactly what we are used to from ‘the bad boy from Boston’ but Tyler has said that country is ‘the new rock and roll’. In terms of the new single, it was co-produced with a number of big names including T Bone Burnett, Marti Fredriksen, Jaren Johnston, and Dan Huff.

For Aerosmith fans, this doesn’t spell the beginning of the end so don’t panic just yet. The band still have a number of planned dates to perform over the coming few months including trips to South America as well as the Kaaboo Festival. Although rumours had been spreading regarding the replacement of Tyler and for the remainder of the group to continue alone, this was very quickly quashed by guitarist Joe Perry.

Whatever happens to Aerosmith in the coming years, their place in music history is well and truly cemented. The band has won numerous awards for their music and just recently, Rolling Stone named ‘Rocks’ as the seventh best Metal/Hard Rock albums of the seventies.


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