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Slipknot to Perform Iowa

Corey Taylor - Slipknot (Gexa Energy Pavilion - Dallas, TX) September 6, 2015

For many Slipknot fans, it is hard to hear that the album ‘Iowa’ came out fifteen years ago. Over the years, hardcore fans will have been listening to the songs on the album over and over again but there is now good news for those who have Iowa as their favourite. Not only are Slipknot going to be performing at Ozzfest Meets Knotfest, they are going to be performing the whole Iowa album from start to finish.

On September 25, the event is set to draw in thousands of music fans with many more attempting to listen or watch online and Slipknot released the news that will put a smile on all metal fans just a couple of days ago. In a status on Facebook, Slipknot made the announcement and suggested that the event will be a ‘dense and serious spectacle’ both on a visual level but also ‘sonically’. In the announcement, they noted how it had been fifteen years since nine men entered a recording studio in California and created a ‘chaotic and destructive’ album that would go down in history.

Despite playing many of the songs over the years, the album has never been performed in its entirety before and the news has everyone going crazy. For 30,000 people, their Ozzfest Meets Knotfest ticket has just become golden and there will be hundreds of thousands of people trying to get their hands on a ticket of their own for the special event.

With their debut album being such a huge success in 1999, there was a lot of pressure on the band to hit the same heights and they have said since that they hit some hard times. With the pressure in tow, band members fell out and the writing and recording sessions have been labelled as ‘intense’. However, they got through the album and it went on to become a major success and transformed Slipknot from a one-album wonder to a genuine, high-quality metal band.

Since being released in 2001, this fourteen-track album has gone ‘Platinum’ in the US selling over one million copies as well as going ‘Gold’ in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, and Australia. In terms of the charts, it didn’t quite reach the peak of the Billboard 200 but was number one in both the UK and Canada. In total, the album reached the top 10 chart in fourteen different countries.

It is important to note that, of course, the show will sadly miss the contributions of the much-loved and missed Paul Gray but the show is set to be a cracker nonetheless. If you haven’t yet got tickets for the event in San Bernardino, they are selling extremely quickly and could even be out by the time you read this!


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