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Pallbearer making plans to launch their latest album “Heartless” in March


Nuclear Blast Entertainment has officially announced the release of the latest album by Pallbearer. The album is titled as “Heartless” and it would come out during the month of March. After 24th March, the album will be released in North America, New Zealand, Australia and Europe by Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Pallbearer was initially formed back in 2008 and it has come a long way since then. The debut full length album“Sorrow and Extinction” was released in 2012. The release of this album created a tremendous impact on the metal critics as well as die hard doom fans. Along with the feedback received from the debut album, Pallbearer released their second album in 2014 under the title “Foundations of Burden”. The second album quickly became popular among fans and it contributed a lot towards the reputation of Pallbearer as well.

The latest album, Heartless, consists of seven tracks. They are titled as I saw the end, Thorns, Lie of Survival, Dancing in Madness, Cruel Road, Heartless and A Plea For Understanding respectively. As per Pallbearer, they are looking forward to explore new territories with this new album. As a result, they are planning to pause stating into the void.

Heartless has been provided with a beautiful artwork as well. This would definitely contribute towards the popularity of the album in the long run. The artwork has been created by one of the most talented oil painters from Indiana, Michael Lierly. Michel Lierly has taken necessary measures in order to portray feelings that are associated with heartbreak and fear through this artwork. Therefore, the Pallbearer album has been able to get the best cover, which suits with the content inside.

The album has been recorded to an analog tape at the Fellowship Hall Sound during the months June, July and August in 2016. The tracks have been mixed by Joe Barresi whereas it has been produced by Pallbearer. The album is mastered by Dave Collins, who is a Grammy award winning mastering engineer.

It has been a smooth experience for Pallbearer to work with Nuclear Blast Entertainment when releasing the new album. With the new album Heartless, Pallbearer would continue to scale and evolve new sonic and creative heights. You can expect this album to be released in March and we are sure that you must be awaiting to experience it.

Pallbearer’s current members:
  • Brett Campbell – vocals, guitar (2008–present)
  • Devin Holt – guitar, backing vocals (2008–present)
  • Joseph D. Rowland – bass, backing vocals (2008–present)
  • Mark Lierly – drums (2012–present)


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