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Nightrage to Begin Studio Recording


Since originally starting in Greece and later moving to Sweden, Nightrage has build a solid following and they recently celebrated 16 years in the music industry. Despite releasing an album in 2015, The Puritan, recent reports suggest that they are just about to enter the studio once again to begin recording their seventh album.

According to the band themselves, their sound is ‘evolving’ and fans will certainly be interested to see what that means. Nightrage will be going back to their roots by recording in Zero Gravity Studios in Athens and have found a producer in the shape of Terry Nikas. If all goes well, the new album is set for a release at the beginning of next year with Despotz Records.

In recent times, Nightrage has enjoyed change and have progressed by announcing Magnus Soderman as the new guitarist as well as a new drummer in Lawrence Dinamarca. With these two new band members, this brings the total back up to five including Ronnie Nyman on vocals, Anders Hammer on bass, and Marios Iliopoulos on guitar.

For Ronnie Nyman, this will be his second album with the band having first joined before the 2015 release of The Puritan. In terms of the production side of things, The Puritan was produced by Daniel Bergstrand and George Nerantzis in Dugout Productions, Sweden.

Nightrage still seem as passionate about music than ever before and their fans feel exactly the same and will be undoubtedly looking forward to the release date in early 2017. Following successful albums and tours around much of Europe, Nightrage felt that the time was right for a new album and they effectively wanted to strike whilst the iron was hot but still ensuring that the music was the key component.

Since starting in 2000, Marios Iliopoulos is the only remaining member after Gus G left after just the second album. Earlier this year, the band enjoyed a successful tour where they traveled all around Europe stopping off for shows in Spain, Belgium, Netherlands. Russia, Italy, and more. With the new album set for release next year, we should see another tour follow in the future which gives fans a great opportunity to see them live once again.


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