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New Song for Of Mice & Men


One of the most exciting things in the music industry is watching new talent release their early music before then progressing in popularity. In recent years, Of Mice & Men have done exactly this and are just about to release their fourth studio album. With their self-titled album, The Flood and Restoring Force already behind them, the band has quickly risen to prominence and fans now eagerly await Cold World which is set for release on September 9th.

Cold World has gained much attention in recent months and fans are being rewarded a month early as the band are now streaming a brand new song Real. The track is the third track on the album and one of thirteen and is sure to whet the appetite of many metal fans whether they are new to Of Mice & Men or not. Along with the song comes a video that can be found on Youtube; the video was filmed at J6 Films and directed by Mark Lediard. As well as watching the track on YouTube, it can also be streamed on SiriusXM as well as being an instant download for everyone who has or will pre-order the album.

Restoring Force, released in 2014, was Of Mice & Men’s last album and went to number one on the Top Rock Album chart as well as the Billboard Top Independent chart. As a result of this success, the band have teamed up with the same producer, David Bendeth, this time around and all involved will be hoping for the same success. Early interest and pre-orders suggest that this will be the case and they may even trump their number four position on the Billboard 200 Album chart.

Of Mice & Men has five members; Alan Ashby, Austin Charlie, Phil Manansala, Aaron Pauley, and Valentino Arteaga. As mentioned, they have enjoyed good success since their formation in 2009 and have since been on the stage with Linkin Park, Queens of the Stone Age, and even Metallica. In addition to this, they have also amassed over 20 million YouTube views and 150 million Spotify streams. When it comes to social media, around 5 million people follow the group on the various platforms available.

Fans of the band also have a number of shows to look forward to as well as the new album as they tour around the UK just a couple of weeks after the album’s release. After starting on September 30 in Birmingham, they travel to Manchester, Nottingham, Glasgow, London, Cardiff, and more. For anyone who wants to here Real, it is available on SiriusXM, YouTube, and after pre-ordering the new album Cold World.


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