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New Single for Norma Jean


On the eve of their 20th anniversary, Norma Jean and all their fans are looking forward to ‘Polar Similar’ which is their new album set to be released in less than a month on September 9. The album, which will be the band’s seventh full-length recording, is highly anticipated by many and fans have been rewarded with an early release of a single. Track number three on the album, ‘Forever Hurtling Towards Andromeda’, is available to listen and download now.

With guest vocals from Sean Ingram, the song is said to be one of the more explosive songs on the album and is likely to whet the appetite for all those eagerly awaiting the album. Early reviews for the song have been positive as it offers a precise blast whilst still providing beautiful vocals mixed in with the magical riffs.

In recent times, Norma Jean have really showed the world why they are special and more importantly, why they are unique. Lead singer, Cory Brandan, has explained many times how they like to be different and provide a breath of fresh air with everything they do. After choosing to record in the same studios as Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’, many knew that the upcoming album was going to be special and it looks as though they were right. Interestingly, the band would take the same walk to the backyard studio every morning with Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ playing. After working themselves up, they needed no extra effects as the powerful acoustics found at Pachyderm Studio took care of the rest.

In addition to the amazing sound effects provided by the winter woods and the acoustics from an indoor pool, the story running through the album is also another key point for the band. Many of the songs are said to focus on abuse with Brandan experiencing this in a relationship in the past. Brandan has noted how this is a tricky subject for a man and he wants Norma Jean’s new album to reach the ears of people in a similar situation.

With all five of their last albums charting in the Billboard 200, it remains to be seen whether Polar Similar can achieve the same feat. Early interest suggests that this will be the case and let’s hope that the album does reach its intended group of people. Music is a fantastic way to bring people together as well as saving them from a potentially dangerous situation, Norma Jean have been brave to release an album of this kind and it should help to spread the awareness of abusive relationships, the obvious dangers of self-harming and ultimately, the fact that there is a path out.


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