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Metallica and Lady Gaga Duet During Grammys

Metallica and Lady Gaga

When it was first announced that Lady Gaga is going to share the stage along with Metallica, we wondered how these two legendary icons could blend with each other. Lady Gaga is a pop icon and it would not be an easy task for her to mix with the metal legends. They were planning to perform one of the most popular tracks named “Enter Sandman” from the Black Album. This was not a performance that most of us expected.

The performance was finally held at the Grammy awards and it was not the smoothest one. For example, the Laverne Cox initially forgot to mention about the 8 time Grammy Award Winners. This directed him towards the announcement with “Six time Grammy Award Winners Lady Gaga”. Moth into Flame was kicked in with full gear after that, but James Hetfield sang to a non-working mic. In fact, the microphone was unplugged. There was no sound at all and it was not the type of performance that was expected by the audience.

In order to spice up the performance, Lady Gaga tried hard to blend with the singing of Metallica. Literally, she rocked the stage at Grammy Awards. She dived into the crowd and it was an adorable scene to watch. It seemed like Lady Gaga was overwhelmed with doing something different. She enjoyed the challenge and she wanted to have fun out of the opportunity she got.

Lady Gaga dealt with all the technical issues that popped up like a pro. In order to complete the performance, she handed over her mic to James. The sound issues continued throughout the entire act and it was somewhat difficult for Metallica to manage it. However, they did not want to stop playing and they continued the good work until the end of the act.

The technical issues that popped up during the performance pissed off James Hetfield. Usually, he cannot tolerate such technical difficulties as he expects perfectness in the set up. As a result, James Hetfield threw down the mic stand aggressively along with his guitar soon after the performance. It was also visible that Adele messed up during the Grammy Awards and she had to do over the performance, which was meant to be a tribute to George Michael. Luckily, we didn’t have to see a do-over with the performance of Metallica.

Overall, the act that Lady Gaga and Metallica performed at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards was a good one. It was a unique experience to see how the pop artist blended perfectly well with the metal band. If the technical difficulties were not there, it would become a perfect one. However, this was an act that both Metallica and Lady Gaga fans have been expecting for some time. Therefore, we can come into a conclusion that they justified the expectations of the audience, regardless of all the technical difficulties that they faced.


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