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Iwers Peter Left Because He Was Done With This Lifestyle


According to Bjorn Gelotte, In Flames guitarist, Iwers Peter –who played bass for the band- left In Flames last year to pursue other endeavors because he was done with the touring lifestyle. In November, Iwers issued a statement that said he was leaving the band in order “to pursue other endeavors”. Hakan Skoger has since replaced him since his departure from the band. Skoger made his live debut with In Flames with Disturbed and Avenged Sevenfold, on their recent European tour.

When Gelotte was asked by Metal Express Radio’s Mick Burgess, why Iwers chose to leave the band after being with them for almost twenty years, Gelotte explained that Iwers is a very busy man, and he thinks that Iwers was just done with the lifestyle. He went on to say that Iwers is still writing and playing music with his friends in different constellation. Gelotte also noted that he and Iwers have a bar going on in Gothenburg, Sweden, which has the name 2112, and that Peter is still busy with that too. According to Gelotte, Peter also has a brewery with Daniel Svensson, the old drummer from In Flames, so he’s a very busy man.

Gelotte further explained that it was before the band’s 2016 fall tour with HELLYEAH that Peter first brought up the subject of leaving the band. He said he and Peter talked a little bit before the last U.S run which was held in November till December, and that Iwers probably made the decision before the end of the tour. He added that everybody has got their own priorities now and that’s how things work. He said, Iwers leaving the band is super sad, since he’s their brother, but then again, there is so much that they do together which enables him to meet with Peter almost every time.

Bjorn also talked about the addition of Skoger into the band. He said the bassist is an old friend and that they came from the same area in Gothenburg. He played with Niclas (Engelin, guitar) and Anders (Friden, vocals) in Passenger, which also happened to be a side project they did. He also happened to be a Gardenian, one of the early bands Niclas played for. Gelotte noted that Skoger’s bass skills are quite awesome, he just hasn’t toured much.

In Flames’ twelfth studio album, Battles, was released on 11th of November through Nuclear Blast in all regions except Scandinavia, North America, and Eleven Seven Music Group in the United States. Daniel Svensson left In Flames in 2015 and according to him, he left in order to focus on his family life. Joe Rickard has since then replaced him; he even played on Battles as a session musician.


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