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Guns N’ Roses MetLife Show


Whether you choose to believe it or not, Welcome to the Jungle was released nearly 30 years ago and a lot has changed in that time. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is Guns N’ Roses’ ability to perform on the big stage and this is something we all saw at the MetLife Stadium on Saturday 23rd July. If you weren’t lucky enough to get tickets, there are now videos all over the internet and they all show the same thing; Guns N’ Roses giving everyone a lesson in how to perform and how to live up to expectations.

The big reunion tour, which included two nights in East Rutherford, has been highly anticipated for quite some time and saw Axl Rose and Slash perform some of their greatest songs. The tour has surprised many and that includes Rose who said that he thought a tour like this would never be possible after things turned sour but differences have been left behind and we can all enjoy their music once more (like their bickering ever stopped that!).

Rose and Slash are being joined by Duff McKagan who was in the classic quintet of the 80s, as well as number of other musicians including Richard Fortus, Frank Ferrer, Dizzy Reed, and Melissa Reese. However, despite all these brilliant musicians joining Guns N’ Roses on stage, it was the return of Slash that will have created memories to last a lifetime for those lucky enough to be inside the MetLife Stadium. Many noted that Rose needed a few songs to get going but once he was there, he was able to call upon his trademark shrill whenever necessary.

On the whole, the fans were treated to nearly three hours worth of music with a number of interludes and extended solos. Of course, they played November Rain, Sweet Child o’ Mine, Paradise City plus their cover of ‘Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door’ and more. Ultimately, they created a show full of drama and even surprises with an almost jazz guitar solo by Slash during Rocket Queen. Although the music was mainly the older stuff, there were three songs from Chinese Democracy (2008) and they even included little pieces of Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, and The Who. Just when you think that was enough (remember they had nearly three hours to fill), they even went on to play an instrumental version of Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd) and Layla (Derek and the Dominos).

Ultimately, it proved to be a superb show and one that will last long in the memory for those who attended; it was enhanced even more by the fact that Lenny Kravitz opened. Guns N’ Roses are still to jet around the world with around 20 shows yet to play and if they are anything like the ones we saw at the MetLife Stadium, we could be about to see a landslide of Guns N’ Roses videos appearing on the internet.

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