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Dream Theater’s Riff Awesomeness of “Fall Into The Light”

Dream Theater

Holy MetallicA riff, heavy, riffy, grooving pretty damn goodness.  Like Petrucci’s biceps these days, the guitars are thick, heavy, and strong on the new track, “Fall Into The Light” from Distance Over Time.  I almost forgot is what Dream Theater at first, and then the vocals came in and reminded me who it was.  The music was misleading in a good way from the beginning for what one might expect from a typical Dream Theater song.  The song certainly returns to classic Dream Theater sound with James LaBrie’s soaring vocals, atmospheric keys with spots of comedy, little sneaky tidbits of bass genius, and drums played by an alien octopus (as was Mike Portnoy).

The music continues through a journey, having one forget this is even the same song as that beginning surprise auditory assault.  I did just check to see how the song is progressing, and I was pleased to notice it just makes it over the Dream Theater minimum song length rule by clocking it at 4 seconds over the minimum – 7 minutes.  Dream Theater is a band you can’t fast forward any part of the song. Any time you do that, you’d be instantly transported to a brand new and foreign part of the song – nothing like what had previously come.

~ Devin Walsh

Dream Theater Distance Over Time

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