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Doctors Ask Metallica’s James Hetfield to Take a Vocal Rest – Show Postponed


It has become a tough time for Metallica because they have been forced to postpone a few of their upcoming shows. That’s because doctors have asked James Hetfield to take a vocal rest after he fell ill. Four shows have been scheduled to be held in the first week of February and it seems like all of them will get postponed, including the one at Copenhagen on Feb 5th.

Metallica announced the news through their official Facebook page as a note. In the post, they have highlighted that James Hetfield has got some health issues in his throat and he has been asked to take rest until the conditions get better. Moreover, they have stated that James Hetfield is now being subjected to strict orders of doctors and he has been asked not even to sing a single note. Therefore, we will have to expect a long break from Metallica until they start performing in the future. In fact, Metallica has postponed the show on February 5th to 2nd of September, 2017. This clearly shows that they are looking forward to take a break for eight months, which is probably due to the illness of James Hetfield.

The unfortunate event took place on 2nd of February while James Hetfield was performing at Denmark arena with the crew. He has soldiered through his performance even he felt that he is not in the best form. It seems like the cheer that James Hetfield got from the crowd encouraged him to stay in the stage and perform while ignoring his health condition. However, this performance made the things worse and it seems like he will have to take rest for the next eight months due to his negligence.

As per James Hetfield, he has felt like it is not fair to stop the performance because of his health issues. The audience has spent a large amount of money in order to come and see the band performing. If the band doesn’t sound good, it would not create a positive impression on those people. That’s why James Hetfield has performed regardless of his health issues.

Through a Facebook post, Metallica has also shown their support for all the fans that remained supportive throughout the show on Friday. The crowd encouraged Metallica to move forward. However, the crew has felt like they have not been able to deliver the best possible experience to the audience. This is the main reason why they have uploaded a post on Facebook to thank each and every member of the audience, who remained supportive.

Coming back to the main topic, James Hetfield is now being treated by doctors and we can expect his conditions to get better within the next few months. The members of Metallica are also monitoring the health of James Hetfield on a regular basis and they are looking forward to update fans about the health condition through social media.


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