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Dave Mustaine Thinks Writing for the Radio Blows


Every artist wants their music heard, one of the best ways to get heard is of course, through the radio. According to Megadeth’s front man, Dave Mustaine, writing simply for the radio is a bad idea, and will backfire. In a recent interview, Mustaine stated that this is the worst way to try to come up with new music.

Radio Backfires

When asked about the writing process, he talked about why it never works to write for the radio. Mustaine said that it always backfires and it’s either “hit or miss” when you are writing for someone else. He was tired of doing this. This is how the new album, Dystopia was born.

The Writing Process

During the interview with Full Metal Jackie, which was aired on his radio show, he discussed the recording of Megadeth’s newest album, Dystopia. He talked about how the creation process was “invigorating.” He said the band finally felt like a band again, and the process was a very liberating experience for them.

Why Was it so Invigorating and Liberating?

Mustaine talked about how many prior albums were pre-created, and to put it simple terms, were created to be played on the radio. Dystopia was not like this. It was written for the band. He said they had no real idea how they wanted the songs to sound before getting into the studio. They played it however felt right. Mustaine talked about how at this stage in his career, he’s ready to just have fun. It’s no longer about doing things for other people and pleasing the crowds or the radio. It’s all about having fun and doing what feels right. Mustaine is ready to do his own thing and do what makes him happy. He said at this point in his career, he’s doing it for himself

When you’re in a metal band as well known and respected as Megadeth, I think you can start to do what you want. Mustaine and the rest of the band will still reign as one of the best as long as they stay true to their metal roots. When asked about the plans for the band moving forward, Mustaine told Full Metal Jackie the Dystopia Tour campaign will be ending this year, but from there they will begin the songwriting process and start all over. We can look forward to some new things in the future from Mustaine and Megadeth


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