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Crowbar’s New Album Not Far Away


For many Crowbar fans, two years has been far too long to wait from the 2014 release of Symmetry in Black. However, good news has arrived and the follow-up to this album is said to be on the way. Kirk Windstein, frontman of Crowbar, has said that the record label has received the album and the final steps are being completed before a release. For those who are tired of playing Symmetry in Black on repeat, fear no more because you could have your new album within the next couple of months.

Windstein has also noted that he has already received feedback from the record label who have said that it is some of the best work they have ever created as a band. Everyone will be hoping that Scott Givens, who said this comment in an email to Windstein, is right because we are all relying on his word at the moment and it has us all more excited than we were before. In addition to this, Windstein also noted that they had a title but weren’t allowed to share it with the world just yet. In terms of its release, the process has reached its final stages and just needs to be finished off in terms of artwork and marketing.

Although things could go wrong, Windstein is hoping for a September 30 release which falls right in the middle of their tour. As they tour between September 13 and October 22, there will be around three weeks of touring with the new album on sale so everything seems to have fallen into place for Crowbar just recently.

A big talking point of this new album is in what direction they are going to take it musically; whilst some want more of the same, others are more open to a little change. We now have the answer as Windstein said, in the same interview, that the music offers an ‘old-school’ Crowbar sound. After going back and listening to a lot of their early work, the band decided to make a conscious effort to take things back to the way they were right at the beginning. In addition to this, they also went and listened to the music that inspired them in the first place and this included Type O, Trouble, Melvins, Saint Vitus, and Carnivore. Finally, he finished by saying that it provides a good mix between newer lyrics as he is a more mature writer now but with an old-school sound.

It seems as though it has been good times for Crowbar recently who also welcomed back their founding bassist, Todd Strange. After leaving after the turn of the millennium, Strange came back into the band after Jeff Golden left in June.

So there we have it, a release date at the end of September; hopefully this has brightened a day or two, there isn’t too long to wait now!


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