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Brooklyn Sounds Announce FREE Tour For 2017


An epic tour…

…Five cities…

…6 days…

…Free… free I tell you!

There is nothing more important! NOTHING!

Featuring the immense sounds of – Primitive Weapons, Henry Blacker, Winnebago Deal, Wolves Like Us and many more. Below are the dates for your diary, last one to the calendar is a dirty panty wearing schmuck.

The tour kicks off in The Black Heart, London UK 27th March
Featuring Primitive Weapons, Henry Blacker and Winnebago Deal.

We shred all the way to Pokalen, Oslo, NO 28th March
Featuring Wolves Like Us, Primitive Weapon and Gorilja

Rocking over to Martins Pub, Lillestrøm, NO 29th March
Featuring Primitive Weapons, NiteRain, Wolves Like Us and Burning Brutus

Punkin’ over to Bar Loose, Helsinki, FI 30th March
Featuring Foreseen, Primitive Weapons, Jukka Nousiainen solo (Räjäyttäjät) and Teemu Markkula solo (Death Hawks).

All aboard for the last stop Molotow, Hamburg, DE 1st April
Featuring Primitive Weapons and We Never Learnt To Live

Supported by Brooklyn Brewery –
Brooklyn Sound, supported by Brooklyn Brewery since 1988, has been supporting the emergence of upcoming bands and music throughout the world. With each stop promoting, raising awareness and generating an event that just gets better and better.

Lets take a look at some of the bands, kicking ass in this years tour –
Primitive Weapon – Grab their latest album now, The Future Of Death. Steve Tuck quotes ‘The singer has a fuckin’ mean scream’

Henry Blacker – Hailed by Classic Rock magazine for the creativity of the track ‘being eaten alive by crabs’, Rock-A-Rolla described their album as ‘bursting of full-bore riff rock with a heavy dose of sardonic humour’.Rock Sound recommend them if you like Nirvana, The Melvins, Tad and the likes.

Wolves Like Us – A Norwegian heavy metal band. They were discovered by Prosthetic Records and signed a few weeks later, they then went on to play Fluff Fest 2011 (a big event Norway is known for). Their last album released was Black Soul Choir in 2014. The album was reviewed by Metalsucks and was only given 2.5 rating, quoting ‘it doesn’t fulfil its promise’

NiteRain – Hailed as the new voices of rock and roll, they are a Scandinavian band with sold out shows and hailed by Gaffa in 2015 as the most entertaining live band of the year. Their second album Vendetta was released in November 2016 with smashing reviews accompanied by a full European tour.

The only disappointment you will experience? In yourself, if you don’t head out to catch this rock-gasmic tour.



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