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Born of Osiris Tickles My Fancy with “Cycles of Tragedy”

Cycles of Tragedy

I surely won’t claim to be a Born of Osiris expert. I came across them years ago (maybe 10 years or so??). They were good and heavy, but that’s about all that I remember. For whatever reason, I decided to click on and listen to their new song “Cycles of Tragedy”, and thus far, it seems to have been a good choice.

I dig the electronic elements as I’m always a sucker for a good sawtooth. The song starts with some electronic elements that gets layered with heavy guitars and drums. The song is nothing that blew me away, but it’s a good fit for what my metal appetite has been lacking as of recent. The electronics remain throughout, the screams are good and heavy, the cleans are placed and performed well…it’s just a good solid song.

The next test is if this can entice me enough to at least listen again – or dare I check out the full album? We shall see…

~ Devin Walsh

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