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Architects Guitarist Passes Away


When we lose a name in the music business, it is never easy to deal with. Although we have their music to keep us smiling, it’s hard to know that we will never see them perform again. If possible, it becomes even harder when somebody goes at such a young age and to a health issue that takes so many innocent people. Sadly, Tom Searle, who was the guitarist and co-founding member of Architects, has passed away at just 28 years of age after a three-year battle with melanoma.

With his brother, Dan Searle, also in the band as a drummer, they faced an unthinkable task of deciding whether to continue their tour or not but ultimately decided that they would. Of course, the band’s wellbeing will always be the most important factor for all fans and everyone wishes them all the best looking into the future. Dan has already said that the Architects will continue in the short term; however, he has also said that no music will be released that Tom wouldn’t be proud of. Undeniably, this will be a hard time for the band and their families and friends so a fund has been set up for The Marlets Hospice where Tom spent his last days. In the long term, only time will tell whether they will continue or not but one thing is for certain – they will always have their loyal support to call upon.

After forming in Brighton, UK, in 2004, the band has gone from strength to strength and now have themselves a solid fanbase all around the world. Architects have released seven albums including Ruin, The Here and Now, Daybreaker, and the most recent All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us which is the album they are currently touring. In terms of charts, they have seen good success in recent years. In the UK, their most recent album reached number 15 – 102 places higher than their third album. Furthermore, their last two albums have also charted in the US, Germany, Australia, Belgium, and Austria.

If you want to see Architects in action and pay your respects to Tom, there are still a number of shows left around the world including Australia, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, before going home to the United Kingdom. Dan has already said that he would love to see as many people at the shows as possible so they can give his brother one final send off. Although it will be extremely hard to perform on the stage without him, you have to commend them for their bravery and commitment to their fans.


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